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Proposed Amendment: Article X Rule 6 Section 2


2024 NDGOP State Convention 


(new text is underlined, text to be removed is struck through)


Section 2. The Committee on Resolutions.


The Committee on Resolutions will produce clear and concise position statements highlighting  Republican Party principles. Resolutions not of state or national relevance, temporary in nature, duplicative of other resolutions, or containing ad hominem arguments shall not be considered. 


Each Regional Chairman shall give due consideration for the rules and goals relative to resolutions  and in doing so, will name two members from their respective regions to the Committee and  Resolutions at least 90 days prior to the State Convention. The Republican House Floor Leader and  the Republican Senate Floor Leader shall each appoint one Committee Co-Chairman at least 90 days  prior to the State Convention. If any appointment has not been made by the deadline, the State  Chairman will nominate a qualified person to fill any vacancy, to be confirmed by the State Executive  Committee.


The Co-Chairmen may appoint a secretary, who need not be a member of the Committee on  Resolutions, and will schedule four regional meetings, which may be virtual, and open to all State  Committee members, prior to the State Convention. Resolutions will be collected at these meetings  through District Chair presentations or presentations by the appointed members of the Resolutions  Committee. Resolutions must be submitted in writing to the Committee at least 24 hours before the  Committee convenes for its first session. All resolutions shall include at least one sponsoring district  that shall be identified on the resolution. 


The Resolutions Committee may meet remotely as long as all members are able to connect to the  meeting and an in-person location is made available for anyone presenting to the committee to be  able to do so in person. 


The Resolutions Committee may submit no more than 15 resolutions to the State Convention. Every  resolution shall identify either one or more districts as sponsors or identify the Resolutions  Committee as a sponsor. 


In order to be accepted by the committee, a resolution must pass with a ⅔ majority vote of those  members of the committee present. Resolutions which do not meet this threshold shall not be  considered at the State Convention. 


The Resolutions Committee Report shall be made available to the State Committee no later than  seven days prior to the start of the Convention. The State Committee shall meet prior to the start of  the convention to review the report and appropriately divide the report should be the Committee  determine that one or more resolutions need to be voted on separately. The State Committee may not amend or change the language of any resolution beyond the scope of grammatical corrections. The  State Committee may reject a resolution by a two-thirds majority vote. 


The Resolutions offered by the Committee on Resolutions shall be provided to the State Convention delegates upon their arrival and shall be voted upon by State Convention delegates as a package  unless the State Committee has determined to separate any resolution for a separate vote. It shall be ruled out of order for the Convention Chairman to permit debate or amendment on resolutions,  either as separate resolutions or as a Resolutions Committee Report. The votes at the convention shall be by written or electronic ballot at the time specified in the official convention agenda and counted  by the State Executive Committee or its agents. A resolution shall be considered adopted when it receives approval from two-thirds of the votes cast by the State Convention delegates. Resolutions shall be considered adopted until the next State Convention convenes.

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