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Convention Security & Safety Protocols

Our top priority is to ensure a safe, productive environment for all Delegates, Candidates, and Guests. To that end, our security team will be enforcing strict security protocols. 

  • All Delegates, Alternates, Guests, Candidates, and Media MUST enter the SHAC through the South-side entrance.

  • Per state law (62.1-02-05)  NO WEAPONS are allowed inside a building at a public meeting.

  • There will be walk through scanners at the entrance. Attendees and belongings are subject to search. 

  • Medium to small purses are allowed (no bigger than 13” x 13”).  Backpacks are not allowed.

  • Please bring a valid government-issued ID and be prepared to show it.

  • Only Delegates, Alternates, and Pages will be allowed on the Convention floor, and badges must be presented to gain entry. 

  • Badges should be worn at all times while at the Convention. If you have to leave for any reason, please remember to bring your badge with you.

  • Attendees will be asked to keep conversation to a minimum while the convention is in session. 

  • Disruptions to the proceedings will not be tolerated. Security may be asked to clear disruptors from the premises.


 Thank you for your co-operation!

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