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Thank you to all the Delegates, Alternates, Candidates, and Guests who have registered for the 2024 NDGOP State Convention! To help you make the most of the Convention, here are some important details.


The NDSU SHAC is located at 1600 North University in Fargo. Parking will be available just North of the SHAC in the Fargo Dome parking lot for $5. Limited parking areas around campus may also available if spots are open. The best location for parking on campus is just to the west and south of the SHAC convention center.


All attendees must enter through the South doors. There will be walk through scanners at the entrance. Attendees and belongings are subject to search. Medium to small purses are allowed (no bigger than 13” x 13”).  Backpacks are not allowed. Please bring a valid government-issued ID and be prepared to show it.

Packet Pick Up

Sign-In and packet pickup will be available on Thursday from 3 - 8PM, Friday from 7AM - Noon, and on Saturday from 8AM - 10AM. If you will not be able to sign-in during those times, please notify your district chair.


Only credentialed Delegates and Pages will be allowed on the Convention floor, and badges must be presented to gain entry. Badges should be worn at all times while at the Convention. If you have to leave for any reason, please remember to bring your badge with you.


Per state law (62.1-02-05)  NO WEAPONS are allowed inside a building at a public meeting. Attendees will be asked to keep conversation to a minimum while the convention is in session. Disruptions to the proceedings will not be tolerated. Security may be asked to clear disruptors from the premises.


Boxed lunches may be picked up in the second gym on Friday and Saturday. Limited seating is available, so feel free to return to the arena with your lunch

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